The end of summer is a perfect time to explore

Travelling to the Mediterranean in the autumn season after the schools have gone back are very popular times for quiet cruises because it often means fewer crowds, shorter lines, idyllic weather and spectacular displays of autumn foliage at every destination.
For starters, temperatures in southern Europe in the autumn are far more comfortable so you can spend more time on our delightful cruises towards destinations including Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, The Balearic Islands, Malta, Tunisia, Spain and France.
And if you like the idea of visiting stunning locations in the autumn sunshine and practically having the place to yourself, a cruise in the autumn on MSC Divina, MSC Splendida, MSC Orchestra  or MSC Sinfonia could be exactly what you’re looking for.
Imagine visiting the "Valley of Gods", the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece and the birthplace of the Olympic Games, or perhaps absorbing the timeless romance of Venice along with all the razzmatazz of Biennale events and vibrant contemporary art scene.
Or perhaps you prefer the idea of taking a swim the still-wonderfully warm waters of the UNESCO-protected port of Valletta during the “second spring” in Malta, or exploring the enchanted city of Marrakesh and being completely absorbed by its main attractions including the Saadian tombs, the magnificent late-nineteenth-century Bahia Palace with its beautiful gardens.
We also think food tastes so much better in autumn because you’ll be enjoying the outdoors so much you’ll work up a real appetite so you’ll get even more out of our unforgettable culinary journeys and the ever-changing selection of Italian, Mediterranean and international specialities every day of your MSC cruise.
Our next-generation cruise ships have plenty of activities on board, when combined with our outstanding accommodation means there’s never a dull moment.
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