MSC Cruises signs off production of four
“world class” ships + 7 more

MSC Cruises is no ordinary company. Our current fleet of 12 extraordinary ships that sails to the most unforgettable locations across the globe has just been extended even further with the commissioning of 4 advanced next-generation “World Class” ships! MSC Cruises is once again combining cutting-edge technology, comfort and unrivalled entertainment with the lowest impact on the environment to deliver spectacular entertainment options and extraordinary cruise experiences anywhere at sea.
The addition of four new ships to a cruise fleet may not sound significant, until you consider that these four new 200,000-plus tonne ships represent an additional €4 billion investment making MSC Cruises the first global cruise line brand to develop a 10-year investment plan, introducing no fewer than 11 new cruise ships from 2017 through 2026 at a cost of €9 billion.
The four new ships, the first of which is scheduled to come into service in 2022, will be based on the sixth new design prototype to be introduced by MSC Cruises.
Quite unlike anything currently existing in the cruise industry, the record-breaking, futuristically-conceived design of the four World Class ships will offer guests the richest choice of amenities, features, cutting-edge design and the latest state-of-the-art smart technology.
Our new ships are truly created for all seasons and for all regions, each of the new World Class ships will be home to more than 2,700 cabins and 5,400 guests, making it a truly unique place to be at sea.  
So save the date for the next ten years and join MSC Cruises as we discover the future of cruising.