The modern MSC Grand Tour is the happy combination of consecutive cruises in the Mediterranean or Northern Europe lasting two to four weeks; the choice is yours. It is always a shame when the things we enjoy end too quickly; so it should be up to the traveller to decide the duration and itinerary.

Venice reflected in the water of the lagoon. A heavenly but fleeting mirage that at the same time is real. St Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge, and the Grand Canal. There is no better city to start the MSC Grand Tour of the Mediterranean on board MSC Musica, the first ship in these unforgettable two weeks.
Too often we are forced to follow fixed agendas and timetables. We consider what is the right amount of time to dedicate to each task. For the next fifteen days you are in charge of your own time.
The dock of Brindisi, the historical endpoint of the Appian Way, the ancient road connecting east to west, and gateway to Lecce and the baroque masterpieces of its old town. Churches and squares blaze under the intense afternoon light.
Back on board we set sail for Greece and towards the Levant, as the Mediterranean sun rises in the east waking travellers with cabins looking out onto the sea as dawn creeps in. A brisk run on the ship’s top deck may be recommended by your on-board personal trainer as an ideal warm up for your visit to Olympia. Creating a harmonious balance between body and mind was a divine commitment for all who lived at this extraordinary site: for the temple priests, athletes, sculptors and poets who celebrated their victories. The air still reverberates with the cheers of the crowd urging on their champions.

MSC Musica sails towards the Orient. The evening shows reveal a trail of captivating artistic talent. Next, Izmir and a visit to Ephesus, the ancient crossroads for peoples and civilisations. Marvel at the Roman Baths, the Library of Celsus and the Theatre, with its perfect acoustics; even today it still plays host to popular theatrical events.

Istanbul, from afar, it almost feels like a distant mirage, but its minarets, domes and towers are more than real. Asia and Europe meet on the shores of the Bosphorus giving rise to ancient and artistic wonders such as the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace and its forbidden harem, Santa Sophia and its splendid mosaics and the colourful explosion of the Grand Bazaar.

Relaxed days of plain sailing: breakfast in your cabin, sunbathing on the solarium caressed by a sea breeze, a chat with new friends at the bar and a restorative massage in the MSC Aurea Spa. The evening brings a delicious dinner accompanied by the perfect wine.
Dubrovnik in Croatia is a perfectly conserved fortified city. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and its walls embrace a labyrinth of roads, squares, churches, monasteries and workshops.

At this point, the holiday would seem to have reached its end. But not with MSC Cruises Grand Tour. When you arrive in Venice, you depart... from La Spezia, after a comfortable transfer by road supervised directly by the on-board staff.
MSC Divina is the ship that will take you through the western Mediterranean, after you have admired the charming villages of Cinque Terre.
When you arrive in Cannes you immediately feel like a film star. A few minutes on the Croisette is enough to immerse you in the magic of the big screen and the city’s glamorous atmosphere.

Sangria and Paella, mysterious caves, cultivated pearls, beaches and aquatic parks. Palma de Mallorca is the fun stopover in the Balearic Islands. Leaving after midnight, the ship sets sail for Barcelona and the party carries on under the stars.
Barcelona awaits with its Rambla, Gaudi’s whimsical masterpieces, the Barrio Gotico and the Nou Camp stadium, home to Barcelona football club. A day’s sailing and a gala evening brings you to Naples where the lively and passionate rhythms will continue to inspire you. The city was also the favoured destination for grand tour travellers of previous centuries. An excursion to the Vesuvius volcano, a stroll through the old town, the ruins of Pompeii and the Island of Capri: so much beauty at such close quarters.
The last stage takes place at Civitavecchia. Rome is, without doubt “Caput Mundi”, capital of the world. All roads, even yours, will lead you to the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, to St Peter’s Square or the Spanish Steps.
Two weeks spent voyaging the East and West. A panoramic view of the Mediterranean at the right pace.

The MSC Grand Tour is an exciting and unprecedented experience. On disembarking at La Spezia, consult our catalogue for upcoming events. The MSC Grand Tour can be a three or four-week journey of either the Mediterranean or Northern Europe.
To each their own time and journey, and that’s partly thanks to the benefits reserved for modern travellers on the MSC Grand Tour by sea, such as discount laundry and free excursions. Information and details can be found in the new 2016-2017 brochure, in travel agencies and on the website.