We all love pizza, but some folks really take it to the next level. Here’s some of the craziest facts about one of the most genuine dishes we serve daily onboard our ships.

You’d be amazed to find out how many things pizza can be and do for you.
Here are some of the funniest ones.

A life saver
James Gilpin was a Domino’s pizza delivery guy when he received one of the best gifts ever: 3'000 students at the IWU Chapel of Wesleyan University cheering at him and giving him a $1,268 tip for his $12.50 total + 70 dollars in gift cards and tons of hand-written inspirational notes. Here’s to a job well done!
An economic theory
New Yorkers are always one step ahead of everyone else.
They know exactly when to expect a raise in subway fares or pizza price.
How? Thanks to the Pizza Principle, aka the pizza-subway fare connection.
The first mention of it appears in a 1980 New York Times article and is attributed to patent attorney Eric Bram. He claimed that since the early 1960s, “the price of a slice of pizza has matched, with uncanny precision, the cost of a New York subway ride.”
But that bold claim didn’t work its way into New York folklore immediately.
It wasn’t until 1985, with a then-bank clerk’s NY Times article, that the theory got under the spotlight.
And, apparently, it really works, but only if you count in the equation a slice of the “real” pizza: flour, tomato, mozzarella!
A cause of conflict
When someone asks for pizza, better serve in time. And hot.
Back in 2012, an all-out cyber war was conducted over a pizza that came too late.

Unfortunately, Papa John’s couldn’t know  that the guys who made that order were all members of the UGNazi hacker group, who were so upset over their 2 hours delay that they took down the entire Company’s website as retribution.
Don’t wanna mess with pizza.
A thank-you gift
When you’re waiting all day in line to see your idol, the least she can do is give you something to eat. And if that something is pizza, any line can turn into a standing ovation.
That’s what Lady Gaga figured out after she bought $1000 worth of pizza for her fans waiting outside the theater.
An unbeatable classic
On board MSC, pizza is nothing less than a celebrity. It’s the freshest and tastiest you can find in the seven seas.
Expert pizzaioli prepare it all day following the strictest and most delicious Neapolitan tradition, so you can have your pizza any time, any way, and anywhere you want.
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