MSC Cruises plays a leading role in this extraordinary progress and we share it every day with thousands of travellers in every corner of the world. The new flagships are part of the Meraviglia and Seaside projects, the expression of the deep love for the sea that inspires our company.

Marvel at the idea of being at sea while being entertained by the astonishing Cirque du Soleil in a double-deck lounge, created especially for their shows, or while strolling along the two-floored indoor promenade under the longest LED dome at sea and browsing the shops, speciality restaurants and innovative bars.
On board you will have the opportunity to enjoy the exciting aqua park connected to the enclosed amusement park for endless fun, or retreat to the enhanced MSC Yacht Club, entirely self-contained in the prestigious foredecks.
With so much to do, you’ll have to remember that you’re on a ship.
Designed to give you a true seaside holiday experience while on a super luxury cruise,
MSC Seaside will be launched in 2017. You will be able to enjoy the waterfront promenade circumnavigating the ship with its extensive outdoor spaces, bars and restaurants, and admire the scenery from the panoramic lifts. People can also enjoy unrivalled entertainment, with a double-deck atrium for live performances with sea views,
as well as the first interactive floating aqua park.
Get ready to float in a world of luxury and possibilities.
A journey between nature, fun and technology
With new flagships and the recruitment of thousands of new employees, MSC Cruises has launched a serious investment plan setting on course for unmistakable development.
The new ships will be, as always, masterpieces of high technology and sophisticated design.
  • Fast: optimising time at stopovers
  • Eco-friendly: navigation that respects the environment in all natural paradises
  • Safe: guaranteeing total relaxation;
  • Elegant and comfortable: so that everyone can enjoy luxury at their fingertips, the joys of fine cuisine, shopping, the most advanced wellness and beauty treatments and fun.

Enjoying our newest state of the art ships is finally possible! Sales for both Seaside and Meraviglia have open, don’t wait and book your cruise now!

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